A Complete Vacation

- Must See Places In Brazil

Brazil is renowned for its lush beaches, Amazon Rainforest, famed carnivals, lively nightlife and hospitable people. The country enjoys a healthy dose of bright sunlight almost all the year round. Brazil is known as the land of contrast and offers an experience of a lifetime. A place where many people have left their hearts.

A trip to Brazil is not complete without a visit to these places:

  • Rio de Janeiro – The first thing that comes to mind is the world famous “Christ the Redeemer statue”. It is a fantastic city which has great museums and a throbbing nightlife. The world famous Copacabana beach which is a must see place. Rio’s Carnival is another event one should schedule their vacation around. The actual date depends on Easter and so varies between February and March.
  • Sao Paolo – Although Rio was once the capital of Brazil, Sao Paolo is the most cosmopolitan city in Brazil. The city’s nightlife and shopping attractions is a par above the rest. The, Casa do Grito e Capela Imperial, Teatro Municipal, the Museu de Arte de São Paulo and Memorial da America Latina are some places of interest.
  • Pernambuco – When in Pernambuco, head straight to Fernando de Noronha. The crystal-clear waters of unparalleled beauty makes them the most beautiful beaches you will find around the country. You could go snorkeling here and enjoy the dolphins, colorful fish and turtles.  The world’s leading hotels can be found here and of course most of them at outrageous prices.
  • Bahia – Brazil equals beaches. Bahia has a superb combination of glorious beaches and fantastic nightlife. You simply relax during the day and go wild with its nightlife.
  • Amazon Rainforest – Spanning across more than 40% of the country’s area, this forest is the largest in the world. There are plenty of tours available to get you into the heart of the rainforest where you have a chance to experience nature’s true beauty with more species of birds than you can imagine.

Brazil is a vibrant country with lots of things to do, plenty of places to visit for everyone. It’s hospitable spirit unequalled anywhere else in the world.

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