Citizenship in Brazil

Some people consider it one of the best countries to retire. Every wonder how a Brazilian Citizenship can be obtained? Well it’s really very simple and since the Brazilian Constitution changed in 1994, migrants are now allowed to retain their Brazilian nationality and have dual nationality. The process of applying for a Brazilian citizenship is run by the Ministry of Justice (Ministério da Justiça).

Citizenship in Brazil can be obtained by birth or by naturalization

1. Brazilian Citizenship by Birth
For those born in Brazil, even to foreign immigrants, subject to them not being in the service in their own country.
For those born outside Brazil to parents who are citizens of Brazil, subject to them being in service in the Republic of Brazil.
For those born outside the country to a Father or Mother who is of Brazilian origin, subject to them being registered with a proper Brazilian authority or who reside in the country before acquiring maturity of age.

2. Brazilian Citizenship by Naturalization
For those who originate from countries that where Portuguese is the primary language. The only criteria for is that she should live in the country for continuous period of one year with ethical and moral values.

People who have lived in Brazil for 15 years and have no felonious records do qualify. However, the number of years can be further reduced to 4 years if the candidate is familiar with oral and written Portuguese, as well as have a stable job with sufficient income to support themselves and their family.
A further reduction of years is possible for an applicant married to a Brazilian and has a child. Citizenship for such candidates is obtained after completion of one year of residency in the country.  

Procedure and Requirements for Naturalization

In order to apply for Brazilian citizenship through naturalization, the candidate will need to apply in Brazil itself.

The following criteria need to be followed:

1.Candidates should adhere to Brazilian Legal capability.
2.Permanent inhabitants of Brazil require to be registered.
3.Candidates should provide sufficient documented proof of stay in the country for minimum of four consecutive years prior to application.
4.Candidates should be able to speak and write the language in conjunction to that what is appropriate to their individual potentials.
5.If the candidate can sufficiently provide for himself and his family. This is possible if:
the candidate has worked in Brazil before and now receives pension
the candidate is almost 25 years and is a student
the candidate has married a national of Brazil
the candidate has sufficient proof to show that his or her parents, or next of kin have sufficient income to match the legal requisites
6.Candidate would need to have poof of righteous conduct.
7.Candidate will need to have no prosecution / accusation of any crimes which are against the law.
8.No debit charges in tax records in the country.
9.All candidates are required to produce a ‘Certificate of Good Health’ except for those who have lived in the country for more than two years.

The application standards are predetermined by Portaria (Ordnance) of the Minister of Justice No. 703 of 13th June 1995, published by Diário Oficial Da União (The Brazilian Federal Government Official Daily) of 14th June, 1995.
Residency in Brazil

There is a mandatory 4 year period that does not consider trips made overseas. Of course, these trips need to be considered appropriate by the Minister of Justice and should no exceed 18 months.
The residency period in Brazil may vary:

The four years can be reduced to one year if the candidate is married to a Brazilian or has a Brazilian child.
The time period is one year for those candidates with Brazilian parents.
The time period is one year for those candidates who have rendered their service to the Brazilian Justice.
The residency period will be only 2 years for those candidates possessing scientific or artistic ability.
And, for candidates who own property in the country e.g. A business person,   someone who owns resources or who own shares in multi national companies, the time period is 3 years.

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