Developing Business Tourism Links With Sao Paolo

Brazil is one of the largest economies in the world and a key emerging market for business and investment. Of all the cities in Brazil, Sao Paolo is a leading service center and industry metropolis. Brazil is thankful to this mega city for reeling in nearly half of its Gross National Product. It has affected a swift return of economic stability following the currency devaluation in January 1999.

Sao Paolo is a diversified city with a mix of language and accents. Such a place is always buzzing for business and leisure, day or night. The city is one of Brazil’s dominant economic centers. It witnessed a rapid economic growth from the 16th to 19th century. High productivity, export of coffee and the appearance of paper, wood and metal industries made the city a dominating force in the entire country. The city is also responsible for producing pharmaceuticals, clothing, furniture and textiles. It is all of this together with an on-going privatization programme that has led to a significant and tangible increase in foreign investment. It comes as no surprise that the most active Stock Market in Brazil, the Bolsa da Valores de Sao Paulo (BOVESPA), is housed in this city.

According to the Sports and Tourism Secretariat (SET), the percentage of foreign tourist who travelled to Sao Paulo for business rose from 48.76% to 58.40%. There was also a rise in domestic tourism into the city, the reason being business again. Business tourism is not about the stock market; Sao Paulo’s turning point in business tourism is the expositions, fairs and tradeshows. Retailers and other services are taking things up a notch to meet the rising demands of tourists.

The city’s infrastructure has a lot to offer. There are numerous hotels, services, communication and IT support in place with a good transportation network. Leaving no stone unturned, there are also 192 heliports spread across the city with a fleet of 450 helicopters. General business opportunities are in abundance and there are a number of new ventures are constantly sprouting across the city.

Sao Paolo is home to some major business that take place every year. They could be in the form of conventions, conferences, etc., around 74,000. Believe it or not, even as we speak there is an event happening in Sao Paolo. Business opportunities in Sao Paulo are large and diverse. An influx of business men and women are expected from overseas.

Therefore an efficient marketing plan is fundamental to develop strategies, means and ways of communicating the product to the rest of the world. People need to know what’s so different about the city. Communication is an important point as well. Marketers need to be prepared and know what the future will bring to Sao Paolo. Information on the city’s past markets and economic development would be useful in promoting a trend for the future.

Sao Paolo has the right supply of business tourism and should not be left out in the race of progression. The city has great potential and is in the front line with New York, Paris and London as far as business transactions and tourism are concerned.

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