Famous People of Brazil

Brazil has been shaped in a particular way by a category of people. These people of purpose made a difference and inspired us to greatness. They have made a deep impact on society through their outstanding work.

Here is a list of the five most famous people of Brazil in no particular order:

Edison Arantes do Nascimento: Best known by the name ‘Pelé’, he was a famous soccer player. He is considered as the most illustrious football player in the world. He is the only player in the word the get 3 World Cup medals. Pelé played a total of 1363 games in his career and scored an outstanding 1281 goals. In 1999 the International Olympic Committee named him as the Athlete of the Century. The Government virtually considers Pelé as an asset to them.

Adriana Lima: She best known as one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels since 2000. Adriana not only thanks her beauty for her walk to fame, but her perfectly toned and fit body as well. Lima is a household name and well recognized face. She has been in numerous television shows. She has dated many celebrities in the past, rocker Lenny Kravitz and baseball player Derek Jeter. GQ has even called her “The World’s Most Voluptuous Virgin’. She has walked has walked for famous designers such as Christian Lacroix, Ralph Lauren and Valentino. It comes to no surprise that she is considered by many to be one of the most popular and beautiful models in the world.

Paulo Coelho: Coelho is a famous Brazilian lyricist and novelist. He is an intellectual authority for tens of millions readers in the whole world. He completely believes in the philosophy of “soul of the world”.

His prose takes you in a different world altogether, in a trance. His books deeply reply on the use of symbols, archetypes and thoughts to convey simple yet complete messages to the readers. The Alchemist, The Valkyries, Brida, Inspirations, Manual of the Warrior of Light. He has also worked as artistic director of CBS Brazil.
He has sold more than 150 million books worldwide and his work has been even translated in 67 languages. He also runs a charitable organization that looks after more than four hundred children.

Andreas Pavel: Pavel is a Brazilian Inventor who invented the device known today as the Walkman. He is considered as the ‘Father’ of the portable personal stereo cassette player.

He called his player ‘Stereobelt’. Over the next few years, Pavel took his invention to one audio company after another such as ITT, Grundig, Yamaha and Philips but no one found the invention worthwhile. However, the ‘Stereobelt’ was finally acknowledged by Sony as the world’s first portable cassette player. He was acquainted to some important personalities of the time

Sergio Vieira de Mello: He was one of the very famous diplomats of Brazil. He was fluent in Spanish, English, French, Italian, and also Portuguese. During his studies in Paris, he was appointed United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in 2002. He was awarded a ‘United Nations Prize in the Field of Human Rights’ in 2003.

The Brazilian diplomat’s steady, pragmatic style guided him through a 33-year career in the United Nations. He was even considered a suitable candidate for UN Secretary-General.  Unfortunately Sergio Vieira de Mello was one of the 15 killed when terrorists blew up the UN headquarters in Baghdad in 2003. His death was not only a bitter blow to the United Nations but to the entire world.

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