Rio 2016: Brazil is preparing to host the biggest sporting event in the world

The Olympics is undoubtedly the biggest sporting event in the world. After an arduous struggle, Brazil emerged victorious when the IOC (International Olympic Committee) nominated Rio de Janeiro to host the ‘Games of the XXXI Olympiad’. Following three previous attempts to become a host country, Brazil finally won. Rio proudly stood above the other 5 nominees as she became the first country in South America to host the Olympics. After elimination of Chicago, Rio de Janeiro received 46 votes, against 29 in Madrid and 20 in Tokyo.

The theme for the 2016 Olympics is “Live your Passion”, that will run from 5th August 2016 until 21st August 2016. Rio has completed most of the Olympic venues:
Joao Havelange Stadium
Maria Lenk Aquatic Center
Rio Olympic Arena
Rio Olympic Velodrome
National Equestrian Center
National Shooting Center
The games will be help in four zone:Barra, Copacabana, Maracana and Deodoro.

The Brazilian government has put their hands into their pocket to churn out an estimated $25.9 billion, an unprecedented figure in the history of sport. Brazil is the 10th largest economy in the world and the World Bank predicts that it will be the fifth by 2016. The economic strength of the country has paved way for the Olympics. The country is look upon as the 5th largest advertising market of the world and they also have plenty of oil reserves.

This nomination will bring numerous benefits, both for the population of Rio de Janeiro, and for the rest of Brazil. There are other events that are scheduled to take place before the Olympics; the Military World Games (2011), the FIFA Confederations Cup (2013) and, perhaps even more desirable than the Olympics, the FIFA World Cup 2014.

Accommodation and transport are being upgraded to cope with the demands of mass tourism that will arise from this event. Many old buildings laden with graffiti and sport shattered windows have been renovated. Numerous restaurants, stores and cultural sites have popped up as well. It’s all about dressing up the city for the celebrations. Preparation for the 2016 Summer Olympics has generated thousands of construction jobs and a large investment in advanced technologies towards the safety and security of the event. Brazil seems to be going out of their way to give the biggest festival of sports the “oomph” it deserves.

Regardless of the tensions of the Olympic Games, it’s historically proven that sports have acted as a liaison between nations and have immensely contributed to their evolution. By choosing Rio, it could help the country develop faster and could bring an entire continent of people closer to the Olympic movement. It’s only a matter of a few years until 2016 arrives, and the entire nation is busy working on a recipe to make it a success. This is certainly going to be a massive challenge for South America and it appears Brazil is leaving no stone unturned. Rio will undergoes this transformation without ever losing the Carioca spirit and the Brazilian energy that uplifts everyone.

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