Great Brazilian Soccer Players: Ronaldo de Assis Moreira

When one speaks of Brazil, one can correlate the country’s name to its lovely tropical climate, sandy beaches and last but not the least its soccer games. Soccer has been in the blood of many Brazilians and is proudly known as a National sport. We have seen quite a few soccer players who have made head turns; another such prodigy was born in Porto Alegre on March 21, 1980.

He is none other than Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, fondly known as Ronaldinho Gaucho. In 1995 when Ronaldinho joined the Brazilian National Team he was nicknamed Ronaldinho Gaucho to differentiate between him and the other Ronlado who played for Brazil in the earlier World Cups.  However when Ronaldo retired, Ronaldinho Gaucho came to be known as Ronaldinho. He got the nickname as he was often the youngest player in youth club matches.

Life of Ronaldinho

As a child the player faced tough times as his family were not self sufficient. But this did not stop his family from being huge soccer fans. He followed in the footsteps of his father and brother. Joao Da Silva Moreira his father played in an amateur club while Roberto, his brother, had good potentials. However his journey to fame was cut short by a mishap where he injured his knee.  All these instances only further instigated Ronaldinho to pursue his goal to fame.

Career of Ronaldinho

His character as a football player developed in his early years. Ronaldinho began playing soccer with Germio when he was only 7 years. There was no turning back, his complete control over the ball and skill to maneuver it, moved him directly into the professional team. He soon established himself when he scored 23 goals against a local club at the age of 13.

Ronaldinho joined the team in 1997 and the entire nation’s hopes were pinned on him. He was already making strides at the national level with his six goals. Soon, many clubs wanted to get him signed on. He finally accepted the offer of Paris Saint- Germain and joined them in 2001.

Ronaldinho goal scored against Venezuela is considered ‘The Most Impressive Goal Ever Scored’. In the World Cup of 2002 there was brilliant soccer played alongside Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Roberto Carlos. Coach Frank Rijkaard moved Ronaldinho to the forefront which gave him ample opportunity to play attack and score goals. His impressive free kick in the game against England got everyone to sit up and notice him.  Barcelona won the titles of La Liga in 2004 and 2005.

Ronaldinho also had his eyes on Manchester United who had footballers like David Beckham. However after a 5 year contract of 27 million Euros, Ronaldinho got himself an offer he could not refuse with Barcelona. Ronaldinho did not disappoint his fans and went on to become one of the most loved soccer players.

He played for Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona before his move to Milan. If you think of soccer tricks, Ronaldinho is one the first names that comes up in your mind. Ronaldinho also has some of the best soccer dribbling skills in today’s game. He bedazzled the soccer world with his dribbling skills and shimmies.

Ronaldinho’s Award Profile:

Under-17 World Cup (1996-97)
Copa America (1998-99, 2004-05)
FIFA World Cup (2002)
Confederations Cup (2004-05)
Spanish La Liga (2004-05, 2005-06)
Champions League (2005-06)
Spanish Super Cup (2005-06)

Ronaldinho is extremely hardworking, committed to his game and at the same time is humble at heart which makes him an extraordinary person to deal with. He is known to be a very sociable and congenial person.

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