Sao Paolo – Contribution To Brazil’s Design As An Emerging Superpower

Sao Paolo has the biggest economy in South America. Business opportunities here are diverse and the city’s infrastructure has a lot to offer in terms of work conditions and leisure. Business tourism in Sao Paolo is an amalgamation of various activities and events. The infrastructure needs to be constantly developed keep competition alive. A proper infrastructure means giving public and private sectors a boost.

With that being said, it’s clear that the city of Sao Paolo is standing with open arms to business tourism development. All is left is a powerful marketing concept to attract the right business. Sao Paolo needs to consider various cultural, economic and environmental varieties. Innovative advertising techniques need to be considered to encourage new companies to explore everything that Sao Paolo has to offer. The city would require clear goals and understand everything about their customers and the services they have for offering. A healthy serving of a communication, marketing campaigns, strategic alliances and distribution channels are essential for a steady growth in business tourism.

The growing economy automatically satisfies the requirements and interests of this future city. The economy has a great offering up for grabs and this is a fact that every company knows. Marketing is all about preparing for the future, whether is it good or bad. Changes should be clearly dealt with, whether they are natural or unpredictable. An optimal marketing strategy involves the flexibility to oversee the positive and negative impacts of the volatile markets. Marketing trends vary and past history is crucial in determining a health study of it.

Sao Paolo has gone ahead with maximizing value for money and the level of business development, leaving no stone unturned. The technology sector is one of Sao Paolo’s largest which has got small, medium and large sized enterprises investing a lot. In order to meet the rise of demands, a powerful strategy needs to be developed. Each market is meticulously planned bearing in mind the various cultural backgrounds. The strategy involves monitoring the strengths and weakness of its development plan. Now, this may be a bit complicated, but let’s face it, the development of business tourism led to the evolution of Sao Paolo. 

The city has seen an influx of foreign investment companies over the years. It’s the 3rd biggest city in the world and expanding at a tremendous rate:

  • Adequate transportation, a rapid hotel growth and an advanced support for information technology, have caused Sao Paolo to slowly evolve as a leading player in business tourism.
  • The government of Brazil has invested a lot into tourism of the city. There are nearly thirty thousand cultural events held each year and the most famous is the “Brazil Carnival”. Fairs, theatres and a sumptuous spread of cuisine collaborates the attraction of tourists.
  • The city has around 70 shopping centers that have a lucrative business amounting to approximately $2.5 billion annually. That’s no small amount considering that it was once known as a third world country. There are shopping centers that cater to specific needs: Electronic equipment, Clothing, Lighting, Furniture, Spares for automobiles, etc.

The city of Sao Paolo has a beautiful Municipal Theatre, operas, ballets and clubs. The nightlife is invariably compared to that of New York. Sao Paolo has learnt to maintain a perfect balance between an industrial center and a cultural metropolis.

All businesses can benefit in Sao Paolo. At the rate the current population is growing, Sao Paolo is all set to become the second largest city of the world within the next decade. The global market has set its eyes on Brazilian economy with considerable participation from a number of foreign companies. This makes Sao Polo a business city of the future that should not be overlooked.

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