Travel With Kids In Brazil

- A Perfect Family Outing

There are many adventures possible on a family trip with kids to Brazil. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare before heading to Brazil with the family to ensure a relatively tears-free trip.

As with all trips, pay a visit to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to check for any vaccination requirements or medical alerts. The inoculations are generally given 2-3 weeks before the travel date and can last for several years.  Rule of the thumb is your children should avoid drinking tap water and eating street food.

Depending on what you like to do as a family while in Brazil, you can choose by going either to the big cities like Rio de Janeiro and San Paolo, or head towards the outskirts that are less populated. There is a whole load is zoos, museums, shows, and parks in Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro. They are bound to entertain kids and parents alike.

  • The stunning views from Corcovado Mountain and the botanical gardens in Rio are a great outing for the family. Leblon offers a free play area with toys for toddlers. Another place popular with the little ones is the city zoo (Jardim Zoológico). ‘Wet ‘N Wild Rio’ is a enormous water park, perfect to get an adrenal rush.
  • The ‘Snake Stufy Center’ (Butantã) at Sao Paolo is a great educational visit that one should not miss. The kids can also be occupied with theme parks, a science museum. Siqueira Campos Park is a perfect alternative to all the hustling and bustling in the city. Body painting, renting of toys and swimming in clear waters are all part of the family experience.
  • The Amazon rainforest is an obvious attraction but should be approached with care with children around. It’s generally a problem for smaller children who will have a problem navigating through the dense trees. You can find an assortment of lodges and jungle tours in Manus that will be enjoyable and suitable for the entire family.

With careful planning and preparation, traveling to Brazil with kids is sure to be a safe and rewarding journey filled with lifelong memories.

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